After almost ten years of effort, at the end of 2019, the first Istrian cooperative of extra virgin olive oil producers was founded – PZ Maslinari Istre. The cooperative includes members with olive groves throughout the Istrian peninsula, in its Croatian and Slovene part.

The 45th parallel, considered the northern border of growing, where the olive gives its maximum, passes through Istria.

This fact exactly is one of the main reasons for the worldwide success of Istrian extra virgin olive oils. Another, an equally important reason, is definitely the knowledge and the diligent hands of Istrian olive growers.

The name that was chosen, Konfin, the word for “border” in the Istrian dialect, describes in an excellent way the essence of the activities of the cooperative  – the creation of superb extra virgin olive oil on the northern border of olive growing itself, at the same time deleting the borders between the members of the cooperative.

The slogan “oil without borders” enriches and makes the story complete.